Friday, July 23, 2010

Graffiti v Elegance

Look at this gorgeous graffiti canvas purse I made at Art from the Heart recently....

I had so much fun with the canvas, and what do you think to this Jill I'm really proud that I mastered the sewing machine when it came to stitching the lining... pretty basic alongside your fantastic mixed media pieces of course, but I shall soon be picking up my Aunt's bequeathed machine and intend lots of 'messing around' creating more arty pieces using gorgeous material like this... (I had a bit of a dilemma when it came to choosing my lining from the lovely pieces that were on offer!)

I added an abundance of gesso circles to get that graffiti look, here's a close up...

Now that was messy play, and messy play makes lots of mess! Yes, I make lots of mess! When I'm journaling, even when I'm designing scrapbook pages for my classes... so I shall soon be having to deep clean my work area to ensure there will be no 'contamination' when it comes to making the wedding invitations for our daughter's wedding next year. On that note, we had our first wedding shopping outing earlier this week - albeit, we were only choosing card etc, to make up all the paraphernalia that will be needed on that special day, we managed to pick up a few bargains from Confetti in Leeds

I had a go at making up sample cards (which I'm not allowed to show you because they aren't being sent out until Novemberish!!)
It was really strange doing elegant as opposed to my normal grungy, messy, hand staining look. But I do love how elegantly 'classic' they look. Now all I have to do is make them all, alongside the order of services, the table names, the table seating planner, you get the picture. At least I know I have lots of creative friends if I get under pressure with time...


  1. your bag turned out great!!!

  2. Love that Graffiti, lol - I too must get out my machine. I'm also in a similar position re Wedding invitations, although I haven't even started thinking about them yet, lol. My son gets married next June, so we need to get onto them soon... enjoy your stamping!

  3. Hi Sandy,

    That little bag is absolutely gorgeous. I wish Dyan wasn't so far away from me I would just love to go to her workshops (sigh!)

    How exciting to be making your daughter's wedding stationary. I made all the stationary for my Son's wedding 4 years ago and loved every minute of it. It was all cream and dark red!

    Looking forward to seeing what you design.

    Lesley x

  4. I agree with Lesley about the classes and that purse is just GOWJUSS! Yum! Now I have to talk to you about doing an online class. Hint hint. About the box hangy thingy that Virginia made. Hint hint. Do you think if people dropped enough hints... hint hint... that you would do one? Hint hint??

  5. love the graffiti bag. Congrats on the upcoming wedding, what fun preparing for it!!

    loving your journal pages too!

  6. Love your graffiti purse - from little things.. so you're not making the wedding dress then??
    Mind you taking on the invitations and so on sounds like a big task, but I am sure you are up to it Sandy.

  7. De ja vue........ At least you have them designed, that is the mail thing, and it will be lovely when they are all ready to be sent out.

    Love the little bag, Dyan comes up with some amazing classes. Wish I lived closer...... x

  8. Hi Sandy
    saw these bags at a recent visit to Dy's and loved them then. yours is just perfect, love it! I want one!!!!!
    x Michelle

  9. Your bag is gorgeous can't wait to make mine.
    Looks like you are going to be extra busy from now on but I am sure you will have them already on time can't wait to see what you have designed.
    Pat xx

  10. Gorgeous purse. Good luck with the invites. x

  11. I really luurrve your purse and your journal pages. I particularly love the colours you have chosen and that dotty lining fabric. Your daughters wedding stationary is going to be stunning. looking forwaed to seeing what you've designed. sue x

  12. That's a great purse - it looks cool. You'll have to make one in every colour!
    Good luck with the wedding preps - how exciting!

  13. Wow - I hope that the wedding is not for 500 of your daughter's closest friends, else we'll never see you for the rest of the year!