Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bring it on!

It's here! August 2010! Now August is an important month in the life of me...I am going to be having a significant birthday! I shall be fifty. Half a century old! I don't feel like fifty. (apart from a few back problems)
In my head I feel YOUNG and that's what counts isn't it?

Anyway, I'm still keeping up with Kate's art calendar challenge, I've quite enjoyed it, even though I still feel like I want to tweak some of the pages to finish them off, I have faithfully logged snapshots of each day.
I keep going back and reading what I was doing at the beginning of the year - it has been a tumultuous year for us in lots of ways. My favourite Auntie fell in the icy weather we had in January and died four months later, Andy was successful at his BAP and will begin Ordination training in Durham in September so a move is imminent for us. My Dad was (scarily) rushed into hospital, our son came for a visit from Belfast, (we only get to see him twice a year so that was precious!) our youngest daughter started a new job, our oldest daughter finishes her training contract with her law firm in September, (it's taken her seven years hard slog to become a solicitor!)and they offered her a job "we don't want to lose you" they said! (Proud Parents we are)! So, I think besides being mucho fun - this art calendar has been great for recording some of life's ups and downs on a daily basis...

Here is July...

and page two...

August ready to go. All those arrows are pointing at THE DAY of CELEBRATION in our house!

I don't mind being five O you know, I'm lucky, and I feel rich in love!


  1. Your July pages are stunning I love those flowers and butterflies.

    You certainly don't act or look nearly 50 I know what you mean - I feel younger and more confident as the years go by :)

    Would you send me your snail mail addy (if that's ok) so I can send you a card?

  2. Welcome (almost ) to the 50s - it's great!!!!! Still a 20 something in my head - then I look in the mirror HA!!

    I so agree with you about reading over the months that have passed. I've never been good at keeping a diary so I'm really proud of myself.

    I have to make at least 2 more though as each of my boys wants one so I'll keep going in 2011.

    July's pages are fab!

    Love your August background AND your squares! Great colours!

  3. Nothing wrong with 50, Sandie - it just SOUNDS old, lol - I'm 3 years past that, now - scary. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Sounds as if you've had a really hectic year with very mixed blessings. Good news on the training in Durham - I had a few friends go there and my brother's training in New Zealand, though family losses have interfered with his actual degree (his wife's). Life does have a way of interfering. Love your pages - the colours are WOW!

  4. Sandy, five-o is nothing, and actually I am enjoying being six-o, something liberating about it.I always remember my grandmother telling me on her 80th that she was still just a 20 something in her head (she lived on to be 93) so just love life. Thank goodness we don't have the social constrictions that expect us to behave in a 'mature' way! If you're up to it - do it!

  5. Fab pages Sandy and you are so efficient having completed your August pages. I am in the middle of preping mine and made a mess but can't rip them out.
    Only 5 more sleeps to Dina.
    Pat xx

  6. Fab calendar pages, love the vines and butterfly's!!

  7. Love the flowers and leaves on the Ju;y post. you have done so well to keep up. x

  8. Fifty is the new forty apparently! Lovely pages, both of them. I am not organised enough to have done mine yet - it's on the to-do list for tomorrow. It's my birthday this month as well - Leos together!

  9. Great great great pages :-) This calendar challenge is such a fab way to record both little and big events don't u think? Five-0 eh? Hope u have fabulous celebrations. I always think that if you are content in your life, and healthy, then age really is just a number. (And by the way, you don't look anything like five-0!)

  10. Gorgeous July page Sandra - Love those vines. Haven't even thought about August pages yet so you're well on the ball.
    Early congrats on your big birthday - must say you certainly do NOT look anything remotely near 50 (It must be all that N/S dancing LOL).
    HAve a super day when it arrives.

  11. Fabulous July page and just love the colours of August. You're so organised at the moment, must be because you're having to juggle so much. Can;t wait for the 50th celebrations, lol. xx

  12. Agree with Kate - you're lookin' good Sandra!! So are the pages, love the painted flowers. See you in a couple of days!! xxx