Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And Breathe.....

Oh yes people, I am feeling mighty relieved after handing in unit 005 (fifth essay of eight) for my teaching course... I'm more than half way there, on the home run, so I thought I would give myself a little treat and splash a little paint around...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE these fabulous paints by Dyan Reaveley

This is my new desk - purchased from IKEA, for the house in Durham - it has shelves above, very handy storage space, although it's casting a shadow here. Andy bought me a couple of spotlights that fasten on so it gives plenty of light for that late night journaling - although the only late night journaling I've done for the past few weeks has been on 'reflective practice and continuing personal and professional development'... such fun! My next assignment (should I choose to accept it!) is about Curriculum building - you can see I've already got a book out. More fun! (Do you detect a hint of sarcasm there?)

First I'll show you some pictures of the ladies at our regular scrapbook class at the Craft Box having their first experience of spray inking... we were making 'serendipity leaves' don't ask me how Janice managed to stay so clean

..because Karen certainly didn't!

We randomly stamped leaves and embossed them, then we collaged and stamped again, then cut out leaves using Tim's tattered leaves die...they turned out beautifully.
I'll show the pages at a later date because something is in the offing with this scrapbook this space...

On to a few journal pages - and these pictures aren't brilliant - I could do with a few lessons from Jill - go and check out her blog, not only is she an amazing artist but she takes some wonderfully creative photgraphs.

This page was a challenge that Dyan gave us at the Regular Art Journaling session - we were given a piece of wrapping paper with these fun munsters on and we could use Tim's halloween stamps... this is what I came up with... the idea came from a Jack Savoretti song Dr Frankenstein. I LOVE his 'Between the minds' CD.
You can see there is a hidden pocket - that contains my secrets - the 'monsters' in my mind!

This page was one I made the night before we moved to Durham - I was over tired and couldn't sleep, so I went into my little, soon to be vacated, room and scribbled a few thoughts.

I like to have a few pages 'ready to go' for that very reason - one night I might need to scribble some thoughts down, this is one of those 'ready to go' pages...

This one too...

The Chilean miners story was close to my heart...I added the Octopode images later.

These last two also use those kooky eyed Octopode images too...

I love being inspired by other creative, like minded people and being a blogger has certainly exposed me to lots of different arty styles, so I think I will always be that pilgrim on an art journey, experimenting with different styles and new images as the mood takes THAT is what I call fun!


  1. Looked like a great class!! Fab pages. Hope your daughters foot is doing well


  2. Fantastic pages Sandra I don't seem to get anywhere as I am too busy looking at all the fab art from other people.
    Pat xx

  3. Thanks for your good messages Sandra (((hugs))) Hope you've settled into your new home well. Congrats on getting so far with your teaching course - have to take my hat off to you.

    That class looked like so much fun (spray inks + paints = FUN). Loving your gorgeous scrumptious journal pages - so many layers, loverly loverly LOL. And you just have to love those Octopode images
    Would love to see your journal in real life although I may be tempted to run away with it LOL.

  4. The are all brilliant! Im envious of the teaching course - i did start one about 8 years ago and had to give up and have never got myself sorted to do it again. Those paints, stamps and downloads of Dys look fab - better start the Christmas list lol
    Take care x Janet

  5. The pages look lovely colours are just up my street. See you soon. X C

  6. oooh and a lovely treat you got yourself too... those paints look gawgus hun.
    Loving the pics of your class and omg your journal pages are BRILLIANT.
    Just ordered some of Dyans downloads and now I neeed Octopode images but my purse won't let me get them
    Hope your move went without a hitch and ooooh I live in County Durham too :D

  7. curriculum building

    is that with a special optional add on character building component?

    sounds deeply joyous,

    do you think there might be a course that is about demolition advice for curriculum de constructers when things have to be reassessed due to economic restraints?

    i've done my module in modern terminology for talking bollocks by the way...and I got a distinction....


  8. Do I need to tell you how much I love your pages? Especially your Halloween one. Love the journalling on the one when you were spending some last time in your little room.

    EXTREMELY green with paint envy and am looking forward to seeing where the leaves end up ;)

  9. Gosh, lot going on here SP. Love all your journal pages and backgrounds and those leaves are seriously fantastic xx

  10. Love the pages. Wish I could grab the confidence of all the layering of colours. I really struggle with it and still not got round to getting to Dyans. Wish she lived a bit nearer! One day.......and when I do I am sure I will find plenty to spend my oney on. Oh and great you are getting through the course too. x

  11. Having an hours blogger catch up - and started with you hun. The pages are gorgeous as always - can't wait to finish the page tomorrow night - see you then!


  12. Hi hon, thanks for stopping by, I love your concept of having the 'pages to go, what a great idea for those impromptu moments of journalling, sometimes you just need to get the words down on paper - luckily you have stunning places to put them ready and waiting ! Cant wait to see what becomes of the leaves - well done on your coursework - I have no idea how you fit it all in xxx

  13. Wow, your journal pages look stunning! Vibrant and colourful. Gorgeous :-)

  14. Lovely to meet you today. Love your pages. You will find heART&soul at

  15. Gosh, you have a busy old time! Hope that you are keeping warm in this cold weather up in Durham.