Monday, November 1, 2010

Things 'afoot'!

I'm still finding my feet since we moved to Durham in September...I'm sure things will settle down soon - at least I hope they will - I thought I might have found a routine by now but nope - I'm still frazzled!

And our youngest daughter had an operation on her foot last Friday - the Consultant gave her photographs of the procedure... I'm not posting them here because they are a bit gruesome! She had an ankle arthroscopy - they cleared out (lots) of bone debris from an injury she had five years ago - we're hoping it will give her more movement and less pain. She is a nurse and very obviously needs to be on her feet a lot.

Steph and Alastair marry next May so we're relieved the operation is done and out of the way - you know what waiting lists are like and we didn't want her to be hobbling down the aisle! We had a lovely day together recently, shopping for her wedding dress and next Saturday we are going bridesmaid dress shopping! Fun!

Right, here is my October page for Kate's 365 Challenge...

...I had fun with Tim's tattered leaf die, I will tweak this at some point... I quite like adding to things when I look back at them.

And November is ready to go...

I decided to add this photograph of Andy outside St John's College (he is an Ordinand at Cranmer Hall) it was lying on my desk as I was wondering what I could fill the space with!

My nose is dripping and my chest feels tight - but I can feel my body valiantly fighting off this I decided I need a quiet afternoon messing about - and indeed I did - I had great fun doodling a 'barbed wire effect' around the edges of the journal blocks... mindless but satisfying!


  1. Love your Oct page and your Nov page is looking awesome too!! Glad to hear you daughter op went well and thanks for not showing the pictures!! my nick name is miss mcsqueemish!!

  2. Fab pages, I love that idea of using the leaves to journal on looks really good and lovin the barbed wire effect too-very therapeutuc.
    Hope Steph recovers very soon and everything is a success.
    Pat xx

  3. Loving having you back in Blogland! Your pages are fab us usual - I'm always going back and adding stuff afterwards ;)

    That photo just fits perfectly doesn't it.

    Blog again SOOOON!

  4. Just love your October page, how creative of you to use those dies, wonderful, and November is look great too. Glad the op went ok. xx

  5. Nowt better than a good doodle to relax and unwind! Loving the fact you have kept up with this challenge. How fast has the year gone? Hope your daughter's ankle is soon all fixed and pain free. x

  6. OO, nice to hear from you! I am ready to go with November too, but haven't had five mins to take a picture yet! Mum had a great time at her course with you at Art from the Heart, by the way!

  7. Your October leaf page is great. Can't believe it is November already!!

  8. ah you are Lucky Number 51, for some reason Blogger expects us to 'follow yourself' so technically you are number 50 - drop me a mail request and an ATC shall be yours...


  9. Hi Sandra, those pages are wonderful! That leaf die is brilliant, isn't it? The doodling looks great too! Hope you manage to fight that cold off!
    Hugs, Alison xx

  10. Wont be able to go on Sunday as I will be in London visiting the in-laws booooooooo, don't even get to go shopping, arty shopping that is, how bad is that!!!1111@@@@@