Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 5

Ho-Ho-Ho! That's the title for today - and rather apt I'd say, going with the quote!

I used a 7Gypsies stamp from the AVIGNON plate, a Chocolatier crest ...rather fitting I thought given my challenge pack for today! In our house, we always have a box of Hotel Chocolat choccies for our after dinner treat on Christmas Day - we don't eat the whole box you understand - but one or two, rounds the festivities off very nicely!

Wouldn't it be great if this quote were TRUE!


  1. Come on SP, who are you kidding, only eat one or two choccies, me thinks not. I remember a couple of years ago you coming to play for a day and we ate 2 packets of chocolates, you can't kid a kidder!!!!! Love the tag and the quote and all the stamping,the bird looks as though it's laughing at us, brilliant. xx

  2. Ah but Ann - after eating a slap up Christmas meal, I can't fit more than two in! Plus I have to save some for when a certain Mr Bulmer visits!

  3. Hi Sandy, I just luv your cat, funny we both have the same image post! lol, luv your quote....

  4. Thing is - Hotel Chocolat demands savouring - even I only eat one or two at a time. They are in a world of their own. Not like my other love - malteasers which are a case of open and pour down my throat :P

    I loves this one totally - big grin on my chops now ;)

    p.s no lovely lady I'm not in a book club, you did make me happy with that comment. I was just always one of those geeky kids that loved it when book report time came round at school *g*

  5. love the tag Sandra, chocolates sound yummy! take care and keep warm. xxxxx

  6. I do love this!! And, I agree...Christmas calories do not count...EVER!!

  7. Sandra your tags are amazing, love how you've used the hat as bunting (so simple yet clever - may need to pinch that idea.)

    Thanks for your comments on my journal - my interpritation of Dyan's challenge i suppose (easy cop out LOL)

    You can't go wrong with chocolate in my books - it solves the world's problems :)

  8. Wonderful tag? (is it?) Sandy ;-)
    Do you mean you don't eat all the choccies in one go? haha
    Anne x

  9. Love this tag Sandra it makes me smile especially as I am a chocaholic and no way could I just eat 2 chocs.
    Pat xx

  10. Another brill tag Sandra and yes it would be great if that quote was true!! I will be terrified to get on the scales after Christmas cos I just know they are going to swear at me...pmsl
    Chris xx