Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snowbound and Challenged!

Well, the weather continues to be a source of disruption for many, including me...I would very much like to be with my husband in snowbound Durham, but I am NOT going to attempt to drive up there in unsafe conditions.

The last time I remember snow like this was 1981 when our son was born, I'd almost forgotten what it was like to get this much snow. It does look pretty outside our house though...

But it does mean that I'm not going anywhere soon...the car is under a foot of snow! We do have a garage, but its a big car and won't fit in there!

So, snowbound me is finding lovely, most welcome time to keep bang up to date with Dyan's tag challenge... today's bag revealed these...

And look what I found in my paper stash Dy!

This is today's offering, after rushing and trying hard to keep in the 15 minute time limit, I thought it looked a bit flat.... I added a few splats of paint.

Still not sure, but at least it looks like snow!


  1. Looks good Sandra and the splats do look like snow. You doubt yourself too much.
    Here in West Yorks it has started to thaw I can actually get out now first time in over a week, the question is how long will it last.
    Pat xx

  2. OOooolove it, the baubles are a true inspiration, all the snow is making you so creative. xx

  3. Absolutely gorgeous again Sandra - the splats definitely worked!

  4. oh, just adorable, snow was perfect, seems as if you have enuf of it there!

  5. Love the splats and love the image and quote and... well just everything!

    Rain had despatched most of our snow - just the stubborn ice patches remain now.

  6. Beginning to think that we are going to have a White Christmas after all... not that that tickles me at all... nice to look at but I don't DO cold :D
    love the tag missus...tis really fun. Forgot to take before photos of what I picked out n then my camera batteries died!!
    Chris xx