Thursday, February 17, 2011

Great project, great company!

At last the day had dawned for my Christmas prezzie from my offspring... it was a wonderful day at AFTH because you know who was there teaching a fabby workshop. So have a look at these piccies for a flavour of what we got up to...

Jude was the lucky winner of the FREE golden ticket that Dyan offered and travelled from the far reaches of Scotland braving high winds and lashing rain and snow and hurricanes and....naw I'm kidding, she did have to do a bit of juggling to get childcare, but it was so worth it...and it was great to catch up with my bloggy friend.

A piccie of the kit...

That's Emma's hand holding that book clip in position... I've got to get me some of these...well I have ordered them and if you want some you'd better get 'phoning Ben up and get your name on the list...

Emma and I sat with Ali and her Mum Pat,

Those three were troublesome - it wasn't me - I was a good girl, but Tim kept his eye on our table...

...and then Dyan had to step in and get them under control... hehehe (don't you love that face)

This is my ever growing pile of inner pages for my journal...

And this is the extra surprise that Tim pulled out of his bag for us - stuff - NEW stuff from CHA - not even stocked here in the UK yet - and we got to play with it, along with the new pearl mister's the new style dabber paints and oooh lots of cool stuff - yummy!

Bits from my - what Tim called "Lose-ables" bag - made me smile every time he said "in your lose-ables bag you'll find a ...."

This is my journal coming together...

And this is mine and Emma's - we all had the same kits but got to choose different colours and how we chose to embellished the pages inside... gorgeous eh?

Course after that workshop, I had a list as long as my arm of goodies that I wanted to buy.... kraft resist paper stack, glassine, stamps, stamps, stamps, more yummy stamps, art parts, book clips etc etc etc....

Oh and Tim had a give away during the class too...six packs of his new release stamps - I didn't win but my buddy Christine did and there were five other very happy ladies who did too. Bernice also won a Tim Holtz designer hold all - apparently, a much sought after item!

Ah, look at Our Ben, uncomplainingly worked hard kerchinging that till ALL day :D

Click on this piccie for a close up of my (nearly) finished journal - I chose one of my fave quotes from Hippocrates for my title - "Life is short, ART eternal" Pretty apt don't you think?


  1. Missed you in the change over of class's I was in the afternoon one! Wasn't it totally fab!!! I am so glad I got a ticket!!!

  2. Fab account of the morning just fantastic. x C

  3. hey babe, Darcy has (with very little resistance from me) told me I must head North and do a thing at AFTH
    i shall share the plan with you and then maybe I can see this thing for real, even if it means crafty women swapping journals in Betty's?

    I just LOVE the way you are holding onto her arm in that last photo as if you will float away if you let go!

    yes Art is Forever, and even short lives leave their mark on our canvases.

  4. Oooh your journal is lush! Love the look of all those pages.

  5. What a fun your journal covers....awesome colors and textures...

  6. WOW!!!!!!! What a fab day you all had, well worth waiting for. Must say the journals look fantastic!!!!!!! It's amazing how they are all ' the same but different' if you know what I mean. Sue x

  7. Sound like you had a real action packed full, fun, crafty, creative day!! Thanks for sharing great pics Lynne xx

  8. Great piccy of You, Jude & Tim.
    Looks like you had a ball and well deserved too.
    Your journal is amazing - and all those lush goodies too.
    Thanks for giving an insite to the day

  9. you lucky thing !!!!! your journal is gorgeous and looks like everyone had a fab time :)

  10. Well, where do I start?????? As you know I am GREEN with ENVY, so jealous, wish I could have been there. What a fabulous project and you are turning into a photographer, lovely pictures capture the day well, but I'm not sure about the last one, you groupie, you, lol. xx

  11. wow! lucky you! looks like you had a blast! your journal looks a.m.a.z.i.n.g. xx

  12. Green with envy you look like you had an absolute ball and caught up with Jude! Hope you're having a beautiful and blessed Saturday!

    all my love!

  13. Little something on my blog for you xx

  14. Hello! Finally returned to Earth with a bump after our whirlwind journey! I had such a fantastic time - everytime I visit Dyan's I feel more at home and having you there was such a bonus. I'm sad we didn't get to sit together but I had a lovely table of ladies including Super Sam who arrived late and worked like a Trojan catching up - amazing!! I love the photo of us - will definitely be 'borrowing' that one to print off!! Hopefully catch again when I'm down in March?!? If not then we need to co-ordinate another class where we can play!! Love ya!!

    p.s. Your journal looks fabulous - the lady next to me used red which inspired me to buy the gorgeous 'Baarn Daw'!!! xx

  15. OMg it looks like you had an amazing day me lovely.... so jealous :D
    Your journal is AMAZING and swoon all those awesome goodies!!!
    I am determined that one day I will get to one of Dyans classes and maybe I will get to meet you there.. I hope so :-D
    I just realised that I hadn't got you on me blogroll (fixed now) which is why I keep missing your bloggings :(
    Chris xx

  16. wow - your workshop looks great fun (and yes, some great faces too ;) I love kits, and anything to do with art too!

    Congrats on your blog award also.


  17. Wow, amazing photos - looks like you had a great day. Your journal looks amazing and you chose a great quote. I'm deeply envious! Kate x

  18. I am just so GREEN looking at your lovely pics - what a fab day!!!
    Lesley x

  19. I wish i knew too, It was such a great day wasnt it. Got the stampotique canvas booked if your on that? Failing that i am sure i will see you there soon x