Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Soul Satisfaction!

It's been a tough few weeks for Andy and I and there have been a more than a few tears of sadness for us, so we took some time out and went Soul Dancing on Saturday night with friends.....

Recognise Dyan?....bet you didn't know she was a mover though did ya?

We danced a lot and it did us all good - I really can't describe how soul music gets into your heart and lifts you to places like no other music...it really did us a power of good :)

And then today, I had a 'Ladies Who Lunch' session with Ann, Pat, Jill, Margaret and Jane

I took along my Dylusions inks and stamps and we had mucho fun making a little book of friendship quotes.

Three of the ladies had the pleasure of using these fabulous inks for the first time and they were hooked from the get go! (Can't blame 'em can you?)

So I can definitely say I've had a bit of much needed 'soul satisfaction' this week
and there's more to come...I'm going to my fave place in Harrogate on Thursday for the Tim Holtz workshop AND my buddy Jude was the winner of the golden ticket that Dyan offered up for grabs, so I get to see her too!


  1. Looks like you had some much needed 'time out' Sandra, so glad you got the chance to lose yourself with a fun night out with wonderful friends, take care xxx

  2. LOL .. as soon as i saw that title the classic rift rang through my brain and I started to sing whooo whooo ba ba ba da!
    We all need a bit of soul satisfaction every now and again to give us a boost to the flagging moral.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous lush book too.
    Now, bestest behavious on Thursday like I know you can (snigger). I'm unable to go as car needs taxing (done this am) and in for its MOT on Friday so I'll be sat waiting for the lowdown on who did what LOL.
    Have a wild time (like I know you can :) )

  3. It was a great day Sandra, good food, soup was to die for,great company and fabby project. Can't wait to do it again.
    Have a lovely time on Thursday with your buddy Jude and don't forget to blog what you make.
    Love Pat xx

  4. Love the book you made!! I wish I had a group like this near to me...it must be so nice to share ideas...and cake(!!)....with like minded people!!

  5. Way to go...we all need to have some fun.....my post today was about taking care of yourself and I thought about it as I was reading your post.....

    I love the journal pages you and the gals made....I must try some of these inks....


  6. Have a fab day on Thursday - wish I was coming too! Looking forward to seeing what you make. Enjoy yourself - you deserve it.

  7. Oh Sandy, nothing better to relieve the burden of a heavy soul that to have a good ol' Ho' down,

    one of my abiding memories was of a very dimmly lit large Hut, I know not where nor how we got there, ( or home again for that matter) I think is may have been one of Liz's relatives friends Big Party

    Liz & I were about 14/15

    the Hut was Filled with people 13 - 17

    I cannot remember seeing an "adult' now

    literally half the room were rockers (and in the midlands we have a unique way of spreading) (a kind of dance) and the other half were northern soul dancers, first we danced then they danced and we all went WOW - I love your dancing - then we all danced together, one rock, one soul, all night one track after another until we could all dance each others dances...

    I have Never Experienced anything so beautiful in terms of a dancing since...but I love watching northern soul dances - wish my feet would still move that way....