Thursday, February 24, 2011

Making Memories

In the midst of a busy life, we took a day off to spend some time with Andy's sister, Marilyn today.... and there is nothing more precious than simply being with those you love. We spent the whole day doing nothing in particular, just chit chatting. I rubbed cream on her sore legs, made us a light lunch and plenty of drinks, you know, just normal stuff. It was lovely - she said she felt like the Queen of Sheba....

Yesterday I was teaching a class at AFTH, we made a vintage style nature box using the gorgeous 7Gypsies Botanical range of papers...

They were a very quiet bunch ... kinda freaked me out a little, even Ben asked what I'd done.... said he'd never known a class so quiet! but they said it was because they were concentrating on enjoying themselves so I think thats OK.

We used lots of nature quotes - the title in fact is the well known classic quote from Aristotle... "In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous" which is of course so very true...

Unfortunately, as the day wore on, I forgot to take any more photo's so I don't have any of the finished projects which turned out so wonderfully.

Right, I'm going to do a little prep on the March page for my art calendar - yes, can you believe its March next week - is it only when you get to the half century mark that time rushes by faster than the speed of light.....


  1. Hello Sweetie

    Love the photo of hubby and his sister, spending time with family - so very precious - always!

    Your class looks great even if it was quiet - bless - sometimes it's just the therapy of having nothing else that you have to do but sit and play with ink and paper - sheer and utter bliss!

    Sending you hugs

    Miss ya hunny bunch!


  2. Well it looks as though everyone had a good time and the project I'm sure is terrific, wish I could have been there. Enjoyed catching up on Tuesday though. Glad you had a good day with Marilyn, she's a lovely smile. She's in my prayers xx

  3. Fab class! yes the only time I am quiet is when I am concentrating, not very often!

  4. I am glad you got to spend some time with your sister...I hope she is feeling better....

    Your class yesterday looked like it was so much fun.....the pages look many wonderful supplies to work with......

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog....

  5. Looks like you had a fab day! Great you are getting into your teaching. x

  6. It's always good to give those we love a treat. Sounds like you had a lovely day.

    Fab that you're doing so much teaching and it looks like everyone had fun.

    Lesley x

  7. Oh blimey - so it is! March! Eek! Where is the year going?

    The class looks such fun, love that quote :)

  8. So pleased you had a lovely day with DH and your sister-in-law, I hope you have many more of them.
    Did I spy Clare and Jill in your class, do you mean to tell me it was quiet with Clare there!It looks a lovely project.
    Hope to see you soon. xx

  9. Hi Sandra
    I think you are right there is nothing better sometimes than giving somebody your time its precious.
    looks fab what you have been creating your work is just fantastic take care Jillxx

  10. LOL Sandra - Think time starts to rush that fast when you reach the quarter century mark!
    Days busy doing nothing other than chatting in the company of good friends & family are always the best - just wish there were more of those days :(
    Your ladies do look a studious lot and the pics shown look delightful, pity about no pics of the finished items.
    Maybe next time.

  11. Awww it sounds like your day with Marilyn was a good one honey, nothing as special as spending time with loved ones, sounds like you were the perfect tonic ! I had to smile at your comment about the 'quiet' class, I am never so nervous as when my classes are quiet, lol I forget to take into account that sometimes people need to concentrate on what they are doing ( concentration has never been my strong point and having three children in the house makes me feel nervous if there is ever any peace !), hope you are having a good week hon - sounds like you might be xxx

  12. Lovely photo, and I am sure a quiet class and you forgetting to take photos means it went very well!

  13. Wow, your class looks great. How did you get them all so quiet?! Glad you had some time with Marilyn, yup family time is precious xx

  14. Just catching up(been a bit of a week!) - lovely to see your pics of Tim's workshop - you lucky girl!! Love these pics of your calming class. Looks very productive, love the last pic especially.

  15. HI Sandra, Look's like lots of fun there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xx

  16. Hi Sandra the pages look great :) The class sounds fun! One day I will get over the Pennines & join a class! Glad you had a lovely day with family.xx

  17. Sandra, Just wanted to thank you for a great class last week. Belle and I had a wonderful time and even went back to the hotel to play some more on the boxes. Hope we will be able to make it to another class in the future. Angela