Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do the eyes have it?

Nobody laugh.

I love art... I love being able to mess around with paint and ink and images and all - I would love to be able to draw - but I can't. Simple truth.

But today, when I called in at AFTH to see Dyan, she just happened to be teaching a class, and they just happened to be drawing...

"Sit down, join in," said Dyan. Which I did with some trepidation... I have been admiring Chris's face drawings for a while and I thought "I've got to start somewhere..."

First we drew a face. This is mine - titled 'art by Sandra' - age 7 - because it looks like what I used to draw when I was about 7!

Dyan showed us how to draw different styles of eyes, these eyes are similar to Kelly Rae's style......well my version of them anyway!

This is Dyan's own inimitable style...

Dyan unleashed us to have a go at drawing both eyes together - which is the difficult part - see my first set crossed out? I told you not to laugh!

So because you laughed, I'm not going to show you the WHOLE faces that I drew!
(...no really...you don't want to see them!) hehehe. Now if I was talented sketcher like Jill, I might show you.

I will have another go at doing some sketching though because like I said, I would LOVE to be able to draw, and they do say practice makes perfect.

I left the ladies looking forward to moving their work onto canvas after lunch...I shall look forward to seeing how they turned out.

Now onto the art calendar challenge, here are my February pages (almost) finished...

And March (nearly) ready to go...

AND...drum roll please... I have made a start on APRIL! Yes you read that correctly...I have a busy month ahead so I thought I'd better get a head start on you all...

The picture is quite poor, but I've laid down a background of Dylusions mustard and rose, I have done a little spraying too but of course I shall add some more splodges and lovely grunginess to it ...I suppose I am being that 7 year old from above saying "ner ner ner ner ner, I'm in front of you!"

That stamp on the page is what I shall use for the days (which are also missing from the other pages)

I'll be popping by to see what everyone else has been up to with their calendar pages for this month :)


  1. Like you I would love to be able to draw properly, I think youve made a fab start and your eyes look fab. I do quite a bit of sketching and ive found the more i sketcht he better i get, mind you my sketches are tattoo style, dont think im very good with faces. Love your calender pages, much upload mine !!!!

  2. I didn't laugh...well at least not straight away!!
    Love your Feb pages but WOW! the colours for March are Fab! Well done for starting on next months - I have too, but only because we had the paints out at craft class so its work in progress as they say!
    Yet to post mine.

  3. Eye eye - looks like a great start. I have been drawing eyes since I could hold a pencil and I still find them tricky! Well done for getting your March page posted. My is done but I haven't managed to post it yet!

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  5. And you say I got in early this month! Now't like being ahead of yourself LOL.
    Love the mustard and rose combo (not ordered the new paints....YET!but you know its coming ha ha)
    Nice stamp too!
    Love your Feb pages - the contrasting colours work so well.
    Well i'd better pull my finger out and get ahead of myself LOL. (That'll be a first!)
    Hope all is well.

  6. Love the backgrounds you created. Great pages and well done on being ahead of the game!

  7. Sandy you don't learn to draw eyes in an hour, and why would a person laugh at another persons hard work?

    you can draw - but your hands need to learn how - it's like learning to write it is JUST practice - sometimes years of practice I recall learning to write takes the brain a while? No?

    and it is a lie that they all tell, that it is the realm of the left ( or is it right ) brainers that are 'artistic' as if it is some divine elite gift...- bull shoot - we all (mostly) have a total brain it's just most of use choose to exercise very little of the old (or young) grey matter

    EVERYONE can draw - they just don't try or they give up because they don't want to practice and work hard and they are afraid people will laugh,

    I tell you girl,

    Tilda's eyes are worth every hour of practice I do - and you SAW the video I totally ferked her eyes up to begin with.

    PLEASE don't stop drawing - you will never EVER feel happier that the first time it works and you cry because you Can and you Did Do It.

    and eyes look very odd without a face,

    please may I see the face?


  8. Oh you should keep at it with the eyes - you really should. It's all just a matter of practice, practice, practice *g*

    Ignoring completely how far ahead you are on your calendar.

  9. Good start with your drawing Sandy, eyes are hard to get right but yours are coming along a treat. Keep practicing!
    Love your calendar pages too. Feb is full and fab, March is mesmerising, can't wait to see what April brings.
    Lesley x

  10. lovely pages - like the pages you used for your journal squares and your use of white to add embellishment! AND the black splodges on Feb. Love a few splodges!

  11. Great pages, love the colours in both backgrounds and the mustard and rose are fab together. I like the mustard colour I think it is going to go with all the other colours.I am going to get competitive now and start my April pages hehe!
    Your drawing looks good to me, much better than mine would be. Don't give up remember practice makes perfect not that we are looking for perfection. xx

  12. Loving your pages and the colours and started April already thats too organised for me ha ha.

  13. I despair of you sometimes woman.!!!!! xx

  14. love your calender pages :0)

  15. Keep drawing eyes they will be beautiful in the end just like your art journal page.

  16. I love your February pages. I have a lot to learn.

  17. I just love these journal pages, they are fantastic, wonderful colours. As far as the eyes are concerned, I know from experience that it takes a lot of practice and you must stick at it, just because I gave up doesn't mean you have to. You know me far too well to think I was laughing at your attempts, YOU know what I think of your talents and I know of your insecurities but are totally ill founded xx

  18. Absolutely gorgeous - but I want to see the whole face - definitely! Loving your calendar - mines become war and peace and not a lot of art - might have to remedy that later now I've seen your gorgeous page!

  19. Lucky you going to the Tim Holtz workshop! Love the colour of your March page - very vintage. :-)

  20. Your pages are gorgeous, such an inspiration. I'm sorry to read you had some bad news last month - it seems the month was full of highs and lows for you.
    I can't draw at all! xxx

  21. Not laughing here hon, I did the petite dolls workshop and spent hours and hours just playing with eye shapes, I dont care what anyone says it takes more than one session to get a feel for it, I really like this calendar idea, yor pages are stunning, I wish I had joined at the start, seems a bit daft joining now with two months missing, will have to try and remember to play next year xxx

  22. Can't believe that you have started April, I've just finished March, LOL.
    Loving your pages too, especially the character on February.
    Happy crafting and good luck with your face drawing.

  23. love the eyes, love your pages,
    & what a fab background to your april page,

  24. I was not laughing....They are a very good attempt. Eyes and hands are hard. I have tried to teach my daughter many times for the eyes and it is still not working. I wish you would post your drawings.... Your calendar pages are wonderful. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day. Angela

  25. Love how your February page has turned out...and lovely colours for March.
    Like you I wish, wish, wish I could draw.

  26. What?? What?? You have started APRIL?! Oh my, you are a goody goody :-) Your Feb and March pages are looking really great. Don't you just love Dylusions Mustard and Rose? Well done for keeping up with the challenge so far :-)
    As for your drawing - hey! - you're not bad! Stop beating yourself up about it, Kate x

  27. ooooooooooooooh wow!!!! your pages are just fabulous!!!! I cant belive you are already started on April, now thats organized!!!! Hugs Juls

  28. Oh Sandra you did make me laugh about the eyes, I know what you mean, mine look scary we just need to practice& practice! Love the colours on your March page its gorgeous, you are so organised to have started on your April page can't wait to see it


  29. Awesome attempt at drawing those eyes, Sandra! I think they're amazing for a a first try. Love your calendar pages. Wow! Can't believe you've started your April page already!!! Can't wait to see how it develops! Hugs, Terri

  30. Didn't laugh. Eyes are very difficult to draw, don't give up keep practicing, it will come. Would love to see the full face. Your calendar pages are fabulous love the March colours. Have a great weekend. Lynne xx

  31. Wow, wow, wow!
    I love your calendar pages!
    Both (feb & march) of them.

  32. Hello, Sandy! Great start on the eyes. Don't give up! As you mentioned - practice makes perfect. Your February page looks great all filled in and I love how March is looking!

  33. Wow! Feb, March and even April! And I love them all! Your February looks great all filled in! I like the flower border on your March... and your April background! ooh la la! Happy drawing! ~Kathy

  34. I love your Feb page the colours are just fab and the march page is looking brilliant too, check you out on starting April, I only got March finished yesterday stop showing us up, LOL, I too would love to be able to draw, go for it, look forward to seeing more :)

  35. wow, fabulous calendar pages ! I love them !!

  36. Sounds like a bit of serendipity stumbling on Dyan's class like that - lucky you and well done!! Also love your calendar pages and congrats on being ahead with April already!

  37. I am wild about your March calendar page - so lovely! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog - you're a peach!

  38. Awww you do wonders for my confidence missus...you always say such nice things about my drawings but you know what it's taken me over a year to get where I am now and LOADS of practice and I'm still not happy cos I wanna draw portraits of REAL people and it's soooooo hard.
    I'm not laughing at your eyes.... no way.... did you see the first attempts at faces that I put on my blog way back... total horrors..pmsl and I thought they were brilliant ha ha ha (delusional or what)
    Keep it up hun cos it's so rewarding when it works and it will if you keep at it :D
    You need to draw faces on all those little squares in your calendar journal now... go on you know you want to.
    Chris xx
    p.s. there is a little pressie on my blog for YOU ;-)

  39. Your calendar pages are beautiful. I think you have made a really good start on your drawing, everything takes practise and you can already see how far you have come with the eyes..keep at girl! So jealous that you did the TH class, I so wanted to do that but the cost to get off the Isle of Wight just made it to expensive for me :( although I have loved looking at what you did and all the goddies you got!

  40. Fabulous pages Sandra :-)
    The thing with drawing is to practice, practice, practice - I'm not speaking as an expert here, far from it :-/ I read it somewhere LOL
    Anne xx

  41. I have just found your blog and think its great, I will pay another visit soon. Love the drawings of the eyes,I also love your memory albums, see you soon

  42. Some people are so smug! Well done you for being so organised, I wish I could say the same!

  43. Hi Sandra, Firstly I want to thank you for your regular comments on my blog. Wierd how we 'met'. How I wish I lived nearer to Harrogate, or that I had the courage to drive myself there as I would just LOVE to meet you. One day I am sure it will happen! Love the calendar pages, you are so organised and so busy too. The drawing, like everyone says is something that comes with practise. I signed up for Suzi Blu over a year ago now and have not even looked at it yet as I can't draw either. I will do it though, eventually. Anyway, thanks again...... Sue x