Saturday, July 23, 2011

Canvas Panel

A quickie post....

I taught a lovely class today at AFTH.... Dyan is away teaching in the States so she left the classes in the hands of myself and Kate, not forgetting lovely Pam who was teaching the kids - I assisted Pam on Tuesday as it was party day - ha - I didn't know what was letting myself in for - its a while since I did a kids party!

... I wonder if that's how Dy will look at us when she gets back? "What HAVE you been up to?" The reason I say that is because Su facebooked her during today's class telling her that we were trashing her studio!

Well, the tables did look a bit of a mess for most of the day as we were making this lovely canvas panel.... (sorry, no evidence as I forgot I had my camera until the end!)

Here are some of the ladies with their finished project... six panels (one of them was mine) only four ladies.... Clare was shopping (what else can you buy Clare!)

That's the last of my classes until September so I intend to do a little art just for me - in fact I have a day planned on Tuesday with my buddy Ann. We're going to spend the day getting inky :)

Then it will be back to the grindstone planning and preparing other projects for the preview day at AFTH and also for the other places I teach (hehehe - my job IS fun!)


  1. Looks as though everyone had a good time and your project is fabulous, everyones looks different xx

  2. Love this project, have a nice day tomorrow with Ann.

  3. So good to hear from you....I hope you are doing well.....and having a fun summer....

    This project looks great; lots of fun......

  4. Your class looks like it was fun, and don't worry, we continued to trash the place on Sunday ha ha!! The finished projects look wonderful :-)

  5. What a cool job! Must get myself booked into one of your classes!