Thursday, July 7, 2011

On a LARGE scale!

I've had a great time today at my favourite place. I got good and inky as did the other ladies on Dy's canvas workshop.... here's Mel showing just how painty and inky we all got...

We worked on a 24x24 inch canvas - very LARGE for me and I have to say I was a bit daunted by the size but eager to 'have a go' Dyan is superb... there is no better teacher in the world who can lay your fears to rest (about all things arty at least - not sure if she could chase all your boogey men away but I'm sure she'd give it a go!)

Dy took us through the process - all 37 steps - oh but they were great fun!
We gesso-ed the canvas and used torn book text, music manuscript and lacy paper doilies to add texture....

Skip a few steps... well you didn't want to see them all did you? Well you can't 'cos I was too busy actually working on the canvas to take photo's of every step!
I chose red and brown as this is going to hang in Andy's study - perfect man colours I think :D
(Plus it will go with the décor)

The others were all fabulous - I didn't get all of them 'cos they whizzed off at the end while I was still working on mine - go and check them out on Dy's blog

This one is Clare's

Dy's and Bezzie Su's....


And my own....

Close up of those dribbles....

...I just love them....

Dyan has slotted in an extra workshop of this canvas on July 15th .... I urge you to get yourselves booked on - it's a great class so don't miss the opportunity - it was liberating for me to work on this large scale and I'm really pleased with the result :D


  1. awesome day wasn't it! Loved your canvass, bet your other half will love it!


  2. Wow, wow, wowser, they are fantastic. Love all of them and I think you definitely chose the right colour for Andy, it's gorgeous. Love the heart, nice touch. I wanted to go but couldn't because of, well you know why, and am soooooo envious, sounds as though you had a fantastic day. xx

  3. I would so love to go to that one but Dy is so far away from me down here in Devon :(
    But hey!! This is fabulous Sandy!!!

  4. Oh what fantastic Canvasses. They are HUGE, I'd be scared to death doing something that size! S xx

  5. Love. Just love. Hope we will be seeing more?

  6. They are all so gorgeous, I'm going this Fri to make one, wanted to do a red &brown one for my dining room so glad to have seen yours 1st xxx

  7. They are all stunning and so individual. I love the colours you have chosen for Andy I bet he will be really proud to have the canvas hanging in his study especially as it was made by the love of his life.xx

  8. Oh My!! They all look great, what a wonderful time you must have had! Hope your hubby is well impressed and it's got pride of place!!

  9. Fabulous canvas. Love your choice of colours. Sounds like a fabby day out!

  10. Your canvas is wonderful, fab colours. Sounds like it was a great day. Take care have a good weekend. Love Lynne xx