Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun, fun, fun!

I've enjoyed a creative day with some lovely folk today making this.....

Its still unfinished, I shall add a few dangling charms from those stick pins I think, but overall I enjoyed making it.

The other ladies had fantastic ideas for their torso... check them out

......fab aren't they!

Anyway, its July already and I haven't started on my 365 Calendar, a challenge set up by lovely Kate Crane, where a group of us keep a daily log of our goings on, create a page in our journal and share with like minded folk. Its lots of fun and great to look back on, this is my second year - although having said that, I didn't manage to blog my June pages due to all the blogger fact I spent many frustrating minutes trying to comment on other blogs until I walked away in frustration! Just had to leave it alone for a while :) Thanks for all the emails from my cyber friends saying they were having the same trouble.... I'm hoping all goes well with this post.

Here are my finished June pages....

...and here is July! Yep, not started yet... but I have finished my course now - no deadlines to meet, no reading to do, no essays to write, no observations.... Oh thank goodness! so the summer stretches before me and I intend to enjoy it.... doing things I like with people I love!

I'll be posting what I get up to and visiting you all in the hope that blogger is kinder to me than he has been for the last month or so... hehehe - notice that blogger is a HE!


  1. Fabulous day! Love how they all came out so differently!

  2. Your finished Torso looks great just love those flowers. Finished mine when I got home but no Photo's as Isabel decided she was having it and took it home with her.
    Love your June page the colours are great.Mine is already to blog June and July but will do it in the morning.xx

  3. Wow those little dress forms are amazing, I adore how you made your but they are all really lovely, hope all is well with you honey, so sorry I haven't stopped by in a while, trying to do a little catching up today, enjoy the rest of your weekend, take good care xxx

  4. Oo loverly! Glad I'm not the only one who has been having problems with blogger - even though my viits have been somewhat sporadic of late, it frustrates me even more when the little time I have to visit everyone's blog is spent trying to leave a simple message! Hope all well with you - and rest assured, my july journal page is a bit sparse at the moment too!

  5. The dress forms are so pretty Sandy, and your especially (wink!).
    June's pages are gorgeous and July.....we'll wait lol!

  6. Ooh how fab! Love what you did, love all that text and the wings!

    What are you going to get up to now that you are FREEEE?

  7. Oh I love these Torsos. S xx

  8. Forgot to say, your June Calendar pages are gorgeous. I'm sure July's will be just as gorgeous! S xx

  9. Wow they are gorgeous, glad you are back on blogger I'VE MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. June is looking great filled in, and I'm sure you'll get round to July when you have a moment ;-)
    The dress form looks fab and fun!