Thursday, October 27, 2011

Better late than never....

Recently, I spent a fabulous weekend at my fave place to learn all things arty, with international artist Dina Wakley
And being in the company of our good old Yorkshire home grown international artist Dyan Reaveley also made the weekend for me.... fun and laughter all round!

...they are a bit of a comedy double act!

Kate, Sarah and lovely Jude...

Emma and Ali ...

That was Day one - I got so absorbed after this, the camera was forgotten. We learned how to draw birds (the easy way with the use of tracing paper!) and paint them, feathers and all two was making a mini book depicting where we have come from, where we are now and where we are heading and then binding it altogether using a Coptic stitch method. (sorry, no photo's as I'd left the camera in my other handbag! Mine isn't quite finished but I may post it here when its done) But my favourite day was day three....entitled "Intuitive Art"

We had tutorials in stages.... scribble???!!!!

....brush over the scribble lines with water....

choose colour, paint in between your scribble..... don't forget the shading.... we also removed paint by rubbing with water through stencils and added texture using modelling paste pushed through stencils... will end up with something like this....
Then Dina held up our work one by one and we all said what "saw" it was quite amazing really - we all "saw" different things, people, people riding a bike, fish, windows, doors....

.... so the next stage was to "force" what you saw - go over the areas you wanted to keep, making the "person" "fish" "window" or whatever it was you "saw" then block out the surrounding area with colour and paint in as desired.... here is Dina's finished interpretation of what she "saw" - herself, with a basket full of balls - and some of them were up in the air...

So here is how I started.. scribble...

Once it was painted in - no photo of that stage! and my work was held up, Bezzie Su said it was like someone was praying over me... which is quite appropriate for me, I went with that theme and I've called it "The Blessing" My soon-to-be Vicar husband is praying over me... this is my nearly finished version....

We went on to use the same process to make a book which I LOVE.... I will post that next time... don't want to overload you all :D


  1. this looks like so much fun!!
    must give this a try.

  2. Your work is fantastic SP, I know, I've seen it in real life, loving all your gorgeous colours and 'The Blessing' is inspired xx

  3. Wow sandra!! Loving your art work! The blessing is so! I so wish I could of gotten over to have had a class with dina........hoping to next time xx hope to see you soon too xxx hugs

  4. Your time here looks amazing Sandra - I love your piece. What a beautiful interpretation the Blessing is. Just wonderful. Thank you for your recent visit. pen x

  5. Gorgeous Sandra! You go ahead and overload us, am loving seeing it all :)

  6. Fabulous photos Sandy, and it was great to spend some time with you :-)) x

  7. Wow Sandra great art work the blessing is awesome, can't wait to see your book. Looks like I missed another great weekend. xx

  8. I think I might use this this as my passport photo.!!!!

  9. Loved spending the weekend with you, shame it all seems so long ago already!