Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chasing my tail!

I can't believe November is upon us already! Time is passing by all too quickly for me - while I was in the process of preparing November pages for my 365 journal, I flicked through earlier months - such a lot has happened this year some amazingly happy, such as the marriage of our youngest daughter :D and some desperately sad, like serious illness for family and friends :((
And I can reveal that in less than eight months we will be moving to Brighouse in West Yorkshire where Andy has been placed as Curate to St Martin's & St John's churches.
Yikes! It seems like yesterday that we moved to this lovely city of Durham and I confess to feeling more than a little sad to be leaving :(

But things are gearing up and if there is one thing I know, its that time waits for no man so my motto is "Onwards and Upwards"

I seem to have got out of the habit of blogging regularly but I do make stuff - honest - just never get round to posting what I've done! So here is a little of what I get up to in between posts....
I bought this book a year ago and love flicking through the pages.....

Stitch Alchemy: Combining Fabric & Paper for Mixed Media Art [Book]

I thought I'd finally 'dip in' and have a go....this is my first attempt at making paper cloth, it was fun :) I shall use it to make ... something... don't know what yet but I'll let you know how it goes.

Here is the October page in my 365 journal, a challenge set up by Kate, which rolls over each year - jump in and have a go, its great fun, this is my second year and I've enjoyed looking back at my daily snippets.... quite enlightening!

And this is as far as I've got with November....

... choosing the background papers for the journal blocks...

.... and this was how I started...

I'm sure you've all read the news but I'm still giving a celebratory shout to Dyan, Ranger's new signature designer... we all know it is well deserved and now she will get to impart her wonderful quirky style further afield! Congratulations Dy!


  1. Beautiful! I am behind for November, with my calendar, but this is the weekend of catching up....or of chasing my own tail!! Best to you. I love your attitude! Kathy

  2. Hi Sandra, I'm well I hope you are too & your lovely husband. Glad to see you had a good weekend with all the fallen angels!!!!
    I have the Stitch Alchemy too and have made fabric paper it's good for making boxes and wings etc.
    Your Oct page looks very autumny and you look like you have been busy. Love the colour of November and it's looking good so far.xx

  3. Love your pages and the paper cloth. Your November background is fab and love the framing of the squares.

  4. Love what you are doing with November, the colors and designs, etc.

  5. Brighouse is pretty fun you will love it here, and we have the Ritz for your northern soul! Love your new pages!

  6. Once again, two gorgeous pages, love Octobers and the colours for November are brilliant. The little project is looking good, can't wait to see it.

  7. It is interesting to see how your style has changed since doing your calendar last year Sandy :) We constantly learn and grow - it's exciting!

  8. So lovely to glimpse what you've been creating Sandra! I love your papercloth - beautiful colours and your pages are fabulous. I wish you every happiness in your new home .. even tho' its a while away before you get there. Thank you for your recent visit! pen x

  9. Had to smile when I saw your fabric paper - used that idea for my November page :-) Especially love how your colours combine for your November.

  10. Beautiful work on your calendar pages for October and November; the muted colours are so lovely and very typical for these months! Valerie

  11. Beautiful pages, I love your leaves on October and your background for November is fab! x

  12. Oooooh your colour combo for November is very nice indeed :-) sad you will have to leave Durham behind but glad you won't be moving too far away. Yes, fab fab fab news about Dyan, and very well deserved, yay for Dyan!!
    Well done for keeping up with the challenge so far - can you believe we are almost there?! Kate x

  13. Beautiful! Lovely work. I have that book as well and enjoy dipping in every now and then. Hope you are all caught up! Kim

  14. Love them all. Gorgeous design and beautiful color composition.Thanks for inspiring.
    Hugs Anja