Sunday, January 15, 2012

After a month away we are back home at last to a very cold house in the North east of England!

Just sharing a few photo's of Laura-Beth and Jim's wedding to get me back into the world of blogging....

This snap was taken in our hotel room on what we called 'wedding eve' - we were all in our PJ's having a glass of wine - she suddenly blurted out "I'm getting married in the morning" ... of course we all replied in our best sing songy voices "ding dong the bells are gonna chime"!

We have gained an adorable step grandson, Charlie ....

This was the morning of the wedding - how happy and relaxed does she look... she was talking to Jim and Charlie on the 'phone...

Andy popped in to her room to say lots of Dad things to our baby.... who of course is no baby but a beautiful and accomplished young woman....

She wore her hair up to show the detail of the dress...

And a fur wrap (fake of course) was needed to keep out the December chill

This is my new son-in-law!

I didn't get to take many photos - too busy enjoying the moment but the official photo's were taken by Stan and his loverlee wife, Shelley (who just happen to be our best friends) and they look amazing, they are both artists in their own right using light and the environment with great style - can't wait to see the finished album :D

So, 2011 was the year that our two daughter's got married (the bank balance doesn't look too healthy at the moment!) next up is our son and his lovely Irish lassie, Niamh...

A few more years yet they said - they are just too busy enjoying their skiing holidays to buy a house and settle down!

I'm feeling the need to get some art journaling done - its been over a month since I did any, except for filling in the daily snippets for my 365 Calendar.... tomorrow is going to be a paint filled play day!


  1. congrats,

    and don't forget to show us what comes out of the paint filed day too...


  2. Good to see you and Andy today and glad to see you got there safely.Thanks for sharing the lovely photos really enjoyed seeing them.xx

  3. Great photos - the bride looks very chilled out! Beautiful dress - gorgeous detail. Can't believe you had two weddings in a year!
    Great to see you today. Enjoy your play day tomorrow! X

  4. Fabulous photos SP, everyone just looks fantastic and so glad you had such a wonderful time. Laura-Beth's wedding dress is beautiful, she looked stunning. See you soon my friend xx

  5. What a lovely end to the year - let's hope your 2012 calendar will hold lots of golden days too.

  6. Oh she looked absolutely gorgeous - I'm glad all went well - was thinking of you around the end of December having remembered that you'd mentioned the wedding! I must admit I've put the art journaling down and picked the scrapbooking up again (finally) - I still miss our classes so much! I must admit it is absolutely freezing at the moment isn't it!

    Hope you have a fabulous painty filled day - don't forget to share what you manage!


  7. What better end to 2011 a wedding! lovely photos. enjoy your play day.
    x maggie

  8. what better way to end 2011 another wedding! Lovely photos hope you have a productive play day! x maggie

  9. Mwah, wheres the photo of you in your outfit.?? xxx