Monday, January 23, 2012


Well I've only gone and got myself an iphone at last... my faithful old Samsung is no more. Of course I've got lots to learn so I can use it to its full potential - posting to blogger from my iphone? well not just yet but one day!

And I have managed to have a little play in my art journal...
This is a page my A5 moleskin - its the first journal I ever bought in 2008 and I haven't worked in since 2010 (last year I made three Teesha Moore style journals and have been working in them) I enjoyed looking back on the pages I had done when my journaling was in its infancy.

Hopefully I'll get to do this more often :D


  1. I am beginning to feel left out with all these Iphones around. Lovely journal page. Glad I can leave a comment as I am not able to on Ann's Blog nor can I read the comments on mine so feeling fed up at the moment will have to go and see the PC man Iknow I wouldn't have these problems if I had an Apple hehe ROFL.XX

  2. Ha ha, knew you'd get one, just download the blogger's free, sign in and away you go. Love this journal page, even though I've seen it in RL, it's gorgeous xx

  3. fab page. try using the blogger app great for uploading your pics from your new phone. x C

  4. Hi Sandy,
    I am resisting the urge for an iphone as I still love my LG Slid Shine in pink - old and battered but loved lol!

  5. LOVE this page - colours are great. Congrats on your new phone - hope the technology doesn't pose too many probs, lol. My smart phone is great but I know I really need a new one because it's sluggish at times. It will have to wait for now, though... Lovely to see you posting x

  6. ahhh no you have gone to the dark side, theirs no coming back you know!

  7. Wow an iphone... I've only just learned to use my 'brick' as DG calls Guess I'm a technophobe ha ha.
    Love your journal page and that great sentiment
    Wow another wedding too blimey you've been one busy lady!! The photos are beautiful it looks like everyone had a lovely day :)
    Chris xx

  8. Lovely fun journal page. Have fun with your iPhone. Anne x

  9. Lovely, lovely page - glad you found some time to play.
    And fancy you getting an i-phone! Woop woop!