Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Days!

No posts for two months and here I am - two posts in two days! But I had to share some good news ... our son asked his dream girl to marry him last night and she said YES!  They face timed us later and showed us the ring on her finger. I am one very happy lady! Congratulations Martin and Niamh :D

This afternoon I picked up my Teesha Moore style journal and had fun playing with collage, doodling and writing..... mucho fun!

I did these pages last year but have enjoyed looking at them again.... 

I've only got the back page to do in this journal and it will be finished  - best get to it then - I am definitely a completer! 


  1. Oh I know that feeling have to complete things I start and I insist on completing sets of things once I've started them I must be mad. Could do with an art journal page with my stresses at the moment! Hope you are enjoying playing

  2. Congratulations on the happy news. I love this journal it makes me want to get mine out which I started with you, we'll have to have a play day. xx

  3. I love Teesha Moore too, and you've really "caught" her style! Love your pages, they are so bright and eye catching. Glad to hear you are safely moved, and I wish you both well in this new stage of your lives. Oh yes, and VERY EXCITING about the proposal ...

  4. Its lovely to see you back Sandra! and in full form at the looks of your work, it beautiful.

    Well at last all your children will be married soon excellent news. Don't know what jade will think though Hehe.
    Now your settled hope to see more of you xxx

  5. Ooooo wonderful news, they'll both be very happy, all the brood now flown, awe. Awesome pages very vibrant, gorgeous xx

  6. thank you...

    what a lovely lovey thing - a new hat on the horizon (yes I always get my priorities right)

    I have persuaded my boys that is is essential to treat their soulmates honorably and as equals and to marry is an option not a requirement.. we will see..

    I was a hopeless role model, flighty, married, divorced, single, cohabiting, ...sheesh no wonder my status on FB is 'it's complicated!' and my kids think they are more 'together' than I am...

  7. missing you muchly oh gorgeous one xxx