Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jumping back in!

So...... where to begin? 

Well we've moved - although that didn't go smoothly at all - the removal men didn't turn up on the 11th of June so we ended up staying in Durham for an extra night! Won't bore you with the stress details but here we are, safely ensconced in our new home in Clifton and discovering  the joys of the Calder Valley:D

My art stuff has been packed away for 2 months so I was itching to get my hands inky... which I did on Saturday as I was teaching a taster session at my most favourite art studio... Art from the Heart  Then on Monday our daughter came for a visit and whilst looking round my art room she asked if we could have a play - what can I say - I was only too delighted to oblige!

having fun!

We made an A5 sized tag ... it's not finished yet because she had to get back to York for an appointment but she did leave with very inky hands:) Always a sign of a good time!
Steph was enthralled in the whole process and can't wait to come back for more although she did say "I'll be bringing some gloves with me!" (she's a nurse and likes CLEAN hands) 

Ann and Pat came to visit bearing gifts (which I haven't photographed - bear with me - I'm not in sync yet its been a while since I blogged!) After they left I decided I'd have a little play for myself as Andrew was out. I worked in my A4 moleskin and this is how far I got. 
Many of you know my husband has just been ordained and this page is going to tell the story of my thoughts about it all - the title caption says some of what I feel! 

I'm going to leave it there for now - I've got lots of catching up to do - I've missed messing around in my art journals and now they're all unpacked they are calling out to me!


  1. Oooo a beautiful page, love your colours and background and of course the caption is very apt. Stephs tag is gorgeous. Thanks for a lovely day yesterday, we did manage to get to Ikea and bought some of those storage thingies xx

  2. nice to see you again, your journalling is very very beautiful,

    ha ha

    only the brave ...


    but then Pope would have us believe that fools rush in where

    angels fear to tread?

    hope you are relaxing into your new home, take care,


  3. Welcome back! Gad you've finally moved in.

  4. Your page is perfect for the occasion,gorgeous background, I love the image. Steph's tag is fab no one would know it was the first time she had a play.We had a wonderful day, great company and great food. I bought some of the storage "thingies" too. xx

  5. Oh I wondered where you were - you've moved - but had no idea where - I caught up on Ann's blog recently and she indicated you were on the move - no idea where Clifton is? But know Calder Valley as it keeps being on the news regarding the floods, hope you're up high! Loving the art journal page - not surprised you want to document your feelings and emotions! Absolutely loving the fact your daughter came to play even if she did leave with inky fingers! Hope you are settling in and the stress is less etc, email me your new address and I'll drop you a line!

    Hugs as always

  6. Hey sweetheart - good to see you at the preview day and to know you survived the riggers of moving!!! Glad you are managing to get you creative head on and I love what your doing - especially the brave angel - wonderful!!!
    xxxxx hugs xxxx